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How do I get started with Bablic?
How do I get started with Bablic?

Learn how to start using Bablic to make your website multilingual

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Adding languages to your website is easier than ever with Bablic! Here are a few very simple steps to get started:

Getting started

1 - Go to Bablic's home page

2 - Enter the URL of your site and click on the "TRY NOW FOR FREE" button

Bablic will read your website and take you to the visual editor

Choosing the language

The following screen will appear:

1 - Bablic will detect the original language of your site. Make sure the language is correct. If needed, please change the original language to match the original language of your site.

2 - Choose the language you want to add to your site and click on the "OK LET's GO!" button. Do not worry, you will be able to add more languages later on.

Choosing translation type

Now it's time to choose the type of translation:

'I'm happy with editable auto-translation for now': Translate content automatically.

'I want to translate on my own from scratch': Translate content manually.

'I want to find out about professional translation options': Professional Translation.

Start editing

The Bablic Visual Editor will open and you will see your website translated in the language you chose. Now you can start editing the translation by right-clicking on any element in the page.
โ€‹Learn more about the Visual Editor

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