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Bablic Help Center

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How do I get started with Bablic?Learn how to start using Bablic to make your website multilingual
Get Started: How to add a Bablic snippet to your website?These steps will show you where to find Bablic's snippet and how to paste it into your site.
How to use The Visual Editor
How to Add a Language and Customize It
How to Use the New Content Detection Feature in Bablic
How to Hide, Show, Disable, or Include Translation?How to disable or exclude translation for a page, folder or section inside a page
What languages does Bablic support?Here's a list of all languages available on Bablic
How does Bablic detect content?Learn about the different ways Bablic finds and handles the content on your website
Screen Resolutions - Language WidgetLearn how the Language Widget behaves at different screen resolutions
How does Bablic find pages?The different methods Bablic searches for pages in your website.
Change the ownership of a websiteLearn how to transfer the ownership of a website to a different person
Translation Revision HistoryWhat is Translation History and how it works in Bablic
What Cookies Does Bablic Use?All you need to now about the cookies we use in your users' website and yours.
Machine WordsEverything you need to know about machine words in your Bablic Plan
Switching LanguageLanguage Widget, Auto Detect or Default Language
Is Bablic GDPR compliant?Everything you need to know about Bablic and GDPR
Language SelectionHow does Bablic decides which language will be presented to user
Issues With Mixed-Language WebsitesLearn about the issues caused by mixed-language content
Why Did My Translation Disappear?Why a content that was already translated isn't translated now?
How do I cancel?Cancelling your Bablic Subscription
What types of translation are available?Learn about all the different translation options with Bablic
Bablic vs. WPML: Which is Better for Your WordPress Site?Bablic vs. WPML
How to Translate YouTube Videos
Bablic vs. Langify: Which is Better for Your Shopify Store?Bablic vs. Langify
Can Bablic translate password-protected pages?If your site or web-app has a login-secured area Bablic can still help you translate all pages
Translate Password Protected PagesHow do we get Bablic to translate pages or content that cannot be crawled automatically?
Human Professional TranslationHow to get a quote, order, review and publish professionally translated content into your website.
Why don't I see my website translatedThese are the steps you need to perform in order to publish your translated website.
How are page views calculated?Everything you need to know about page views in your Bablic Plan
How much does Bablic cost?Learn about Bablic's plan and what they offer
Does Bablic translate the Checkout page in Shopify?
Where do I find the Bablic code?Learn how to retrieve Bablic's code snippet to put on your website
Can I use a different domain for each language?Learn how Bablic allows you different URL options for your site
How do I work with Variables?Learn how to make sure Bablic knows how to handle numbers and dates correctly in your website
Can I translate system emails in Shopify?Learn how to send emails in multiple languages with Shopify
Customize your language widgetQuickly learn how to customize your language selection widget
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