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Can Bablic translate password-protected pages?
Can Bablic translate password-protected pages?

If your site or web-app has a login-secured area Bablic can still help you translate all pages

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Many customers ask us whether Bablic can help them translate their website if it's protected by a password, or if it needs a secure login.

The answer is YES.

Most websites, and especially web-apps and e-commerce websites have restricted areas that can be accessed only via secured login. This is not a problem for Bablic. The only difference is that Bablic's automatic crawler will not be able to scan those page automatically and detect content (because they are protected). This means that for Bablic to detect content in those pages you will have to visit those pages through the Visual Editor. This is a very simple procedure that will allow Bablic to access all content and translate it.
Any other content that is not password-protected will be crawled automatically and all content will be detected and translated without any additional action required.

If you have any additional questions you are welcome to contact us at [email protected]

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