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How does Bablic find pages?
How does Bablic find pages?

The different methods Bablic searches for pages in your website.

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Bablic finds pages in your website in various ways:

Sitemap links

If a page is in the sitemap.xml of your website, which is listed in the robots.txt file, Bablic will fetch those URLs in the scan process

Website links

When Bablic scans a page and finds links in it to other pages in the registered domain, it will also scan those pages. If you page have links from other pages that are visible to Bablic, this page will also be scanned.

Visual Editor

When opening a page inside the Visual Editor, Bablic discovers the page it wasn't discovered before. You can navigate to any page inside the Visual Editor, either by clicking a link, or using the Options -> Go to page options or directly by opening the Editor from the website itself using Alt+Shift+L. If the page cannot be opened in the Visual Editor, try using the Bablic Chrome Extension.

End user navigation

When an end user navigates to your website page, with the Bablic code snippet embedded, and the page is not translated, the code will signal Bablic that a page is not translated, and Bablic will try to scan it on a later time.

Blocked Pages

That said, if your page is in a domain which is not registered in Bablic domains, or in a folder that is hard-excluded, this page will not be found by Bablic. If that's the issue, please contact us at [email protected] or via the live chat.

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