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Translate Your Squarespace Site with Bablic
Translate Your Squarespace Site with Bablic

Follow this simple step-by-step guide in order to have a multilingual Squarespace website within minutes using Bablic localization.

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1) Open the Squarespace's "Config" Section

In order to integrate the Bablic snippet with SquareSpace, click on Settings inside the config/dashboard page.

Click on 'Developer Tools' -> 'Code Injection' to reach the code Injection page.

2) Add Bablic's Code to Translate Squarespace

Copy/paste your Bablic code snippet right into the Header box, as seen below, and click on 'Save'. If you don't know where to find your Bablic code snippet you can read this article.

3) Add Navigation Links to Switch Language (Optional)

If you'd like, you can also add links to your navigation (menu) in order to switch languages like in the example below, here's how.

  1. In the Home menu click Pages

  2. Click the '+' icon to add a new page

  3. select the Link option as shown in the screenshot below.

4. Once the "Configure link" window appears, enter the name of the language you are adding in the Link Title field.

5. Next, copy and paste the code below into the "Link" field (where it says http://):


It should look like the screenshot below.

***Remember to edit the "en" to the 2-letter language code for the language you are adding. For example if you're adding French, change "en" to "fr". ***
Make sure to reload your Squarespace website for all of the changes to take effect properly.
If you have any questions or concerns we're here to help, simply reach out to [email protected] or chat with us.



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