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WIX and SmartProxy
WIX and SmartProxy
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When using SmartProxy every language has a custom url. For example:

- French will be ""

- Italian will be ""

- Russian will be ""

It works well for most websites. However Wix websites have security measures which cause problems when loading the website with a different url than the original. Therefore, the loading will be partial - some resources might not be loaded / the site will miss some functionally.

The Solution

In order to solve this we will use the Wix Multilingual app :

(Please note: If your editor version doesn't support the Wix Multilingual app yet, then its not recommended to use the SmartProxy)

This app built by Wix and provides basic implementation for translations.

After you install this app, go to its dashboard and add the desired languages. Make sure that you checked the "visible" checkbox.

Then, if you have already set up the SmartProxy just make sure the DNS records point to Bablic servers and not to WIX servers as the following screenshot.

If you didn't setup the SmartProxy, follow the instructions here.

We're almost done - The last step is to update Bablic with the languages you added.

Go to Bablic Dashboard -> Languages -> Re-publish one of the languages. This will perform an update in Bablic and your sub-domains will be live and SEO compliant.

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