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WIX and SmartProxy
WIX and SmartProxy

Comprehensive guide on integrating SmartProxy and Wix

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Ensuring your website caters to a global audience is crucial. Leveraging SmartProxy allows websites to offer custom URLs tailored to different language audiences. This article guides you through effectively integrating SmartProxy with Wix websites, overcoming common challenges, and enhancing your website's multilingual functionality.

The Challenge with Wix Websites

While SmartProxy excellently supports language-specific URLs, such as "" for French, "" for Italian, and "" for Russian, Wix websites present unique challenges. Wix's robust security protocols can interfere with SmartProxy, leading to partially loaded pages or diminished website functionality.

The Solution: Implementing Wix Multilingual App

To address these issues, the Wix Multilingual app emerges as a viable solution. This Wix-built application simplifies the translation process. Before proceeding, ensure your editor version is compatible.

Please note: If your editor version doesn't support the Wix Multilingual app yet, then it's not recommended to use the SmartProxy.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using Wix Multilingual App

1. Installation and Setup

  • Start by installing the Wix Multilingual app from Wix App Market. Navigate to the app dashboard to add your desired languages.

  • Visibility Settings - It’s vital to check the "visible" checkbox for each language to ensure they are properly displayed on your website.

2. Integrating SmartProxy with Wix Multilingual

If SmartProxy is already set up on your site, verify that your DNS records are pointing to Bablic servers instead of Wix's as the following screenshot.

If you haven't set up the SmartProxy yet, follow the instructions here.

3. Final Steps:- Updating Bablic

With the languages added and DNS settings adjusted, the final step involves updating Bablic. Go to your Bablic Dashboard -> navigate to 'Languages' -> and re-publish one of the languages. This will update Bablic, activating your language-specific subdomains and ensuring they are SEO compliant.


Integrating SmartProxy with Wix using the Wix Multilingual app is a straightforward process that significantly enhances your website's multilingual capabilities. By following these steps, you can ensure a fully functional, multilingual website that caters to a diverse audience, maintaining both accessibility and professional standards.

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