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Bablic vs. WPML: Which is Better for Your WordPress Site?
Bablic vs. WPML: Which is Better for Your WordPress Site?

Bablic vs. WPML

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The Showdown

Both Bablic and WPML are reliable options for your WordPress site, but there can only be one winner.

Let’s see where both platforms excel:

  1. Both offer different packages for your needs.

  2. Both offer multilingual SEO options which are imperative for online success.

  3. Both provide quality support. Admittedly, WPML has been around for longer, so they have a larger support network.

But, in reading reviews, there were talks of the company delivering poor support in some cases. Generally, though, the support is solid.

Now, how are these platforms different?

Price: WPML is cheaper than Bablic, but the reduced cost is a reflection of WPML's limitations concerning features, languages, and convenience.


Bablic offers human, professional, and machine translations while WPML only lets you translate your content, yourself. Bablic packs more of a punch with the ability to make on-page edits through their visual editor. It’s intuitive, it’s simple, and you don’t need prior coding knowledge.


Bablic offers more languages (over 100 vs. 40) which is helpful, especially if you want to grow on a global scale.


With Bablic you don’t have to create extra pages and menus, which saves you a lot of time. You merely enter your URL on their homepage and choose from machine and human translation to start.

Bablic also offers the following, which WPML cannot provide such as:

  1. Automated translation

  2. The ability to manually edit the translations and invite collaborators.

  3. The ability to change page styling on your site to match your new language. This includes fonts, margins, colors and so on.

  4. Automatically displays the correct language for a user thanks to browser language detection.

  5. A Glossary

  6. Translation of a pages meta content for improved SEO.

  7. Ability to make live edits via the visual editor.

The Verdict + Conclusion

WPML is well established, has an extensive support network, and is better priced.

But, Bablic ticks more boxes.

The platform offers machine and human translation. It offers more language options, and you don’t have to create those extra pages, which saves time.

But, more importantly, it provides the visual editor which is a leap forward in website localization. With a simple, intuitive interface you can translate your site on the page and make extra styling changes. And, it all starts by only pasting a line of code. As simple as that!

So, are you ready to start using Bablic? With a free 14-day trial you have nothing to lose.

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