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Bablic vs. Langify: Which is Better for Your Shopify Store?
Bablic vs. Langify: Which is Better for Your Shopify Store?

Bablic vs. Langify

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The Showdown

So, how do the two website translation solutions compare? Both are reliable options for translating your Shopify store and both excel at the following:

  1. They offer multilingual SEO options to drive traffic, conversions, and sales.

  2. They provide quality support.

  3. They provide automatic language detection.

  4. They offer multiple language domains.

  5. They let you update the meta tags for improved SEO.

  6. Both are intuitive and easy-to-use.

Now, how do they differ?

  1. Langify is an app. Bablic is a complete platform if you run your blog on wordpress you cannot use Langify. With Bablic you can cover all your web properties.

  2. Bablic provides more value; offering more features for better value for money.

  3. Langify doesn’t offer automatic translation, Bablic does.

  4. Langify has limitations regarding the checkout pages, Bablic does not.

  5. Bablic provides a visual editor to make on-page edits which langify does not.

The Verdict + Conclusion

Langify is a solution used by many. It’s a solution that works; the many positive reviews are evidence of this. Both langify and Bablic excel in several areas such as SEO, support, and usability.

But, the reality is this:
Bablic does exactly what the langify app does, and much more, at a much better price.

And, what really sets the two solutions apart is Bablic’s visual editor. It’s a step-forward in website localization. With an easy-to use interface, ability to make on-page edits, and view those changes in real-time, Bablic is the perfect solution for your multilingual Shopify storefront.

Are you ready to start using Bablic? With a free 14-day trial you have nothing to lose.

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