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Translate Meta Tags
Translate Meta Tags

How to translate pages meta tags that are displayed in Google results

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In Bablic, you can translate the pages meta tags just like an other content, using Machine Translation, Professional Translation, or by editing it manually.

To edit a page meta tags:

  1. Open the Visual Editor in the page & language you wish to edit

  2. Click Options -> Edit page meta

  3. You'll see a table of page meta tags, with their original text and translation text boxes.

  4. Edit the translation, click Apply, and Publish Changes for the translation to be live.

  5. If you wish to edit all website meta tags in one location, click "Review all meta tags" to open the Text Editor with all meta tags filtered.

To have all search engines properly index your translated pages, please activate the SEO Configuration in your Bablic Dashboard -> Settings -> Start SEO Configuration

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