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Translate Password Protected Pages
Translate Password Protected Pages

How do we get Bablic to translate pages or content that cannot be crawled automatically?

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When you signup and publish a language with Bablic, it will scan your website and crawl all found pages in links or sitemap. Those pages will be translated automatically (this might take a few minutes).

But some pages are not accessible to the automatic crawler. Among those pages are private client pages, shopping cart, checkout pages or complex registration wizards. Also, some content in public pages might not be scanned if it requires special user interaction to show up, like validation messages and popups.

Explicitly Discover Pages

Although those pages and these content cannot be crawled automatically, you can tell Bablic to translate it explicitly. To do so, simple open that page in the Visual Editor. You can insert any password or other information needed to show that content inside the Visual Editor.
If you are navigating your website outside the Visual Editor, and you encounter non translated content, you can use the keyboard shortcut Alt+Shift+L to open any page from the live website.

Chrome Extension

Some websites have safe measures that prevent some content to show on a different domain. That content won't be accessible via the Visual Editor. In that case, you can install Bablic Chrome Extension, which opens the Visual Editor on the website original domain with zero comp-ability issues. To install the Chrome extension on your Chrome browser follow this guide.

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