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How are page views calculated?
How are page views calculated?

Everything you need to know about page views in your Bablic Plan

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As you may have noticed, each Bablic Plan allows for a certain number of page views.

What are page views?

Every time that a visitor on your site loads a page, that is considered a page view. Even if the same visitor loads a page more than once, or navigates to another page and then comes back to the same page. 

Are page views calculated per language?

No, page views are calculated across languages. If visitors load 100 pages in German and the same 100 pages in Spanish, a total of 200 page views has been used.

Is the original language of the site included in the calculation?

No, your visitors can browse your website in the original language without limitations. When your visitors load pages of your site in the original language no page views are used.

Are page views renewed every month?

Yes, each plan includes a number of page views that is renewed every month. If you have an annual plan, Bablic allows your limit to be flexible. If you have exceptional traffic during a given month and you exceed your page views limit Bablic will "borrow" page views from the next months.

To check how many page views are included in each plan, please visit our pricing page.

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