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SEO for Joomla
SEO for Joomla
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Follow this guide to make your Joomla translated website is SEO-friendly.

  1. Log-in to your Joomla Administrator dashboard.

  2. Install the Bablic Plugin package from the Joomla plugin directory. Open Extensions -> Manage -> Install -> Install from Web. Search "bablic" in the search box and install the result found.
    You can also use "Install from URL" using this URL

3. Make sure all components are active: Go to Extensions -> Manage -> Search for "bablic", You should see these results:

4. Open Components -> bablic, and click "I'm already signed in with Bablic" (If you want to start your Bablic site from scratch click "I'm new to Bablic")

That's it. You can click the "Verify" button in your Bablic SEO Configuration Wizard to complete the process.


For SEO reasons, it is sometimes recommended to use sub-directory for each translated language (for example:,

The Joomla Plugin doesn't support sub-directories, but you can set it up yourself in your Apache .htaccess file. Read more about setting up sub-directories here.

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