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Custom Domains - Hosting Settings
Custom Domains - Hosting Settings
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After you have installed the SDK to make your translated website seo-friendly, and configured the DNS settings for those custom domains, you need to make sure the new domains are enabled in your hosting provider.

Each server have configurations that defines which domains are served by this server. If you point your domain to a server that is not configured to serve this domain you are likely see an error page when you open that domain in your browser.
Some servers are configured to serve all domains so the new domain will work without making further configuration. To test if this is the case, simply open the domain in your browser (after the DNS settings have been updated).

In most hosting services you'll need to configure a domain list which are associated with your website. This process is different for each hosting service.
Generally, you'll be required to perform this steps:

  1. log in to your hosting service, this is the service in which you construct and control your website.

  2. Search for the setting page in which your domain is configured.

  3. Add the additional domains to that list. Make sure the additional domains are marking the primary domain and not redirecting to it. To check if a masking is performed or a redirect, open the new domain in your browser, and check the address bar: If the domain was changed to the primary domain, this is forwarding and cannot be supported for your translated domain, it the domain is the new domain you have added, that means it works.
    Some hosting services will not allow additional domains without forwarding. In that case you'll not be able to use custom domains for your translated website. To know if your service does not support multiple domains without forwarding review this table:

After you have completed these steps, click the "Verify" button to validate the correct installation, and complete the SEO Configuration Wizard.

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