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Translate Your Shopify Store with Bablic
Translate Your Shopify Store with Bablic
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Follow the step-by-step guide below, with detailed screenshots, in order to integrate Bablic with Shopify and translate your Shopify website.

Log in to your Shopify dashboard/admin panel to get started!

1) Click on Online Store

From the left menu/navigation, click on "Online Store", as seen in the screenshot below.

2) Click on Themes

Next, please click on "Themes" in order to be able to edit your current theme.

3) Edit the HTML of your Theme

Towards the top-right, click on the "..." icon next to "Customize Theme" and choose "Edit HTML/CSS" from the dropdown menu.

4) Click on theme.liquid

Under "Layout", click on "theme.liquid" to open up the HTML editor where we'll paste the Bablic code.

5) Paste the Bablic Code

Right before the </head> tag (you may have to scroll down a little to get to it) in the HTML editor, paste the Bablic code. (Code is already pasted in the screenshot below, just to show you what it should look like)

6) Click Save

The last step; make sure to "Save" your changes.

 Once you're done, go back into the Bablic Editor and click Publish, that will make the translation live on your website.

Checkout Cart

Part 1: Find out which Checkout Languages are currently supported by your Shopify theme

8) Repeat above steps 1 to 4 but click "Edit Language" as shown in the screenshot below

9) Languages marked "Complete" are fully supported

If the languages you added are fully supported then your integration is complete, if it isn't supported please proceed with Part 2 below.

Part 2: Adding Your Custom Languages

1) Click on "Change theme language" button on the top right

2) Select the "English" dropdown menu

3) Choose "other languages"

4) Click on the "please select" dropdown menu

5) Choose the language you desire

6) Click "Save"

7) Click "Checkout and System"

8) Manually add translations for the checkout page in your desired language

9) Save your translations

All done!

If you have any issues translating your Shopify store with Bablic, please get in touch [email protected] - we'd love to help you localize your Shopify website.

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