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How to use the Visual Editor
How to use the Visual Editor

Easily edit your site's translation using Bablic's visual Editor

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Using the Editor

For this tutorial, we’ve already added a website. Take note of the following:

1. You have a top menu bar. Here you can access the various areas of the editor. We’ll discuss these in more detail shortly.

2. You can also change anything on your translated website by right-clicking any element and text, on your site.

3. You’re able to change text, font sizes, images, padding etc

4. You can make changes on any page by navigating your site as you normally would. Simply click on the links to get to the right page. This feature is also accessible from the Options tab.

Simply click on Go to page and use it to navigate your site.

5. Any changes you make will only reflect on the translated website, not your original site.

6. Make changes for both desktop and mobile by alternating between the two. Find this feature in the top left of the Visual Editor.

7. When you’ve made all changes, click on the Publish Changes button.

You’ll then be taken to this screen.

8. For the changes to appear on your live site you need to ensure that the Bablic code is in the header of every page. You can access the Bablic code at any time from the Options menu, under Show Snippet.

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