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User Generated Content
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Some sites, have a section of reviews / comments or any other content that can be added dynamically by users. This content cant be always translated manually because its added by visitors and its not easy to follow as a site owner after all new texts generated by users. Therefore this type of content , is more likely to be machine translated on demand.

Since machine translation is not 100% accurate for several reasons , especially for content that was generated by visitors and contains slang / typos - its not best practice to display it by default.

The optimal solution will be to add a small 'auto translate' button next to the text. This button will display the machine translation once clicked.

For this we have added 2 new attributes :

- bablic-generated-button , should be added to the button

- bablic-generated-text, should be added to the text generated by a user

This two attributes should be under the same element , otherwise no match will be found when clicking on the button.

An example :

<h2 bablic-generated-text>Hiii, this product is awesome!</h2>
<button bablic-generated-button>auto translate</button>

The way it works :

If the content was already requested before, Bablic will return the existing translation. If the content was not requested before, and its the first time, the content will be added to the page, machine translated , and will be returned.

If your site has no machine words left, text will only be recorded.

In case you want to edit machine translations , you can find the content under its page in Text Editor.

Find all user generated content :

Go to Text Editor -> View content all pages -> search [user-generated]

Please note, bablic-generated-button should be designed by you. If you want to do it via Bablic, go to Visual Editor -> Edit CSS , and add the style you want for this button.

In order to add a css selector for an attribute , please add the following:

[bablic-generated-button] {

// all css here


Also, "Force Refresh" should be true when using this feature, otherwise switching locales may be problematic

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