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Shopify Meta Fields Translation
Shopify Meta Fields Translation

Shopify translation API offers translation of Shopify Meta Fields. These meta fields are often problematic for translation

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What are meta fields in Shopify?

Meta fields is a way for Shopify to store any information about a Shopify store/product/article/page. It is used by 3rd party apps and themes for any custom functionality. Sometimes meta fields contain text items that are visible in the website (i.e. product options). Other times meta fields can contain JSON data or code snippets that themes or apps need, but do not appear in the website.

What does Bablic do with Meta-fields?

When Bablic scans the content of a Shopify store via API (This happens when the Bablic plugin is installed), it automatically excludes all the non-textual meta-fields. All meta fields that are not excluded can be edited from Text Editor or Visual Editor.

The excluded non-textual meta-fields cannot be translated in Bablic.

What if I need to translate a non-textual meta field?

If your Shopify store has meta fields which are automatically excluded by Bablic but do contain text that needs to be translated, please contact [email protected] and specify exactly which meta-fields should be added. Once these non-textual meta fields are included in the site by Bablic they become available for translation in the Text Editor (but not in the Visual Editor).

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