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Screen Resolutions - Language Widget
Screen Resolutions - Language Widget

Learn how the Language Widget behaves at different screen resolutions

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Language Widget

Bablic provides every website with a language selection widget that can be used to switch languages on your website. This widget is fully customizable and can appear in different versions, depending if the site is viewed on a desktop or a mobile device.

What Screen Resolutions are considered "Mobile"

The answer to what is considered a mobile device is not absolute. Some touch devices are very big (they are called phablets, a smartphone having a screen that is intermediate in size between that of a typical smartphone and a tablet computer) and there are also laptops with touch screens. Bablic considers a mobile device every touch device with a width or height of 700 pixels or less.

What if your Mobile Device falls in that Intermediate Resolution

In that case, you can use our JavaScript API to hide/show the widget based on your own rules. For example, you could write a function decideIfMobile() which returns true if the device is mobile, and false otherwise.

<script>if ( decideIfMobile()) {  
  // this hides the widget on mobile  
else {
  // this shows the widget on desktop;}</script>

You can perform many more customizations using Bablic's JS API.  All the options are explained in our Technical Documentation.

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