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Language Widget, Auto Detect or Default Language

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Website owners who use Bablic can choose between 3 options for language navigation:

Detecting the Visitors' Language Preference

This is the best way to offer the visitors a smooth user experience. Bablic will detect the language preferences in each user's browser and - when the language is present on the site - will show the preferred language automatically. For example, if a user arrives on your website using a French Browser, and French is one of the added languages on your website, your website will appear automatically in French when the user first arrives.

Default Language

This option allows website owners to set a default language for their website. Your website will be shown in this language when users first open the site, regardless of their browser's language. The default language can be the original one, or one of the translated languages added using Bablic.
If the Language Detection feature (see above) is active, the default language will only be used if the browser's language of the user does not exist in the site.

Language Widget

Bablic can place a fully customizable language widget on the site, which allows users to switch language manually. The language widget can also be used in combination with any of the above methods.

To customize the language selection method, go to Dashboard -> Settings -> Language Selection.

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