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How to Translate YouTube Videos
How to Translate YouTube Videos
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Bablic allows to embed different versions of your YouTube Videos for languages added through Bablic. In order to do that you need to replace the link to the original video with one pointing to the translated version. You can do that from Bablic's Visual Editor.

How to get the URL of the Translated Video 

Open the translated version of the YouTube Video, and press 'SHARE' just below the video. Once you click on it, a URL will be shown in text box.

Copy the URL. For example: the URL for video in the above screenshot is: "" .

How to Replace the URL 

Navigate to the page where Video is embedded inside Bablic Visual Editor. Right-click on the video and choose "edit external link". Once done, just paste the URL for the translated video and press 'Apply'.

Click on the 'Publish Changes' button for the changes to appear on your live website.

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