With Bablic you can invite new team members to collaborate on your project. You can also set different permissions for each individual collaborator:

How to Add a Collaborator

In order to add a Collaborator you need to be the site's Owner

  1. Go to Dashboard -> Collaborators and click on 'Add Collaborator'.

  2. Enter the Email Address, Name and Role (i.e. Admin, Translator or Reviewer)

  3. Once done, an invitation email will be forwarded to the email address added. 

  4. Each Collaborator will have separate login details to make edits.

What are the different roles?


Owners have unrestricted access to dashboard including  billing, collaborator settings, and is an Admin on all projects.


Admins can do anything in your account except managing collaborators and billing.


Translators only have access to edit and translate specific languages you can define. They cannot publish the changes on your live website.


Reviewers have access to edit and translate your content, and can publish on your live website.

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