To make your translated website SEO-friendly, simple install the Bablic WordPress plugin on your WordPress site. Alternatively, you can use the PHP or Apache SDKs.

1) Add the Bablic Localization Plugin

Start by clicking on "Plugins" and then "Add New" from your Wordpress admin panel as pictured below.

Continue by searching for "Bablic Localization" in the search field, as seen in the screenshot below.

Click on "Install Now" as seen below.

2) Activate the Bablic Localization Plugin

Now that you've downloaded and installed the plugin, it's finally time to activate it. Click on "Activate Plugin" - just like you see in the screenshot right below.

3) Setup the Bablic Localization Plugin

It's now time to play with the Bablic Wordpress Localization plugin settings. Let's head back to the Plugins section in your Wordpress dashboard and find the Bablic plugin, then click on "Settings" - exactly as you see below in the detailed image.

4) Connect your existing Bablic Account

Since you already have created a website in Bablic, choose "I already have an account". (If you want to start from scratch, click I'm new to Bablic). Bablic will ask you to login and choose your website from a list, in case there are more than one.

5) Cache Plugins

If you are using a Cache plugin in your WordPress account, it might be preventing the SDK to be verified in Bablic. You can disable this plugin for the validation process, but sometimes those plugins might cause the SEO not be activated on your website.
Contact if you don't know how to configure your Cache Plugin.

W3 Total Cache

  1. Navigate in your Wp-Admin to Performance -> Page Cache.
  2. Locate "Rejected User Agents" and paste this value there:
  3. Click "Save All Settings"
  • This will not disable caching in your WordPress, but will only make those user agents cache to be handled by the Bablic plugin instead of W3 Total Cache plugin.


With Bablic WordPress plugin, you can have your translated pages on a separate directory for each language (For example This is recommended for SEO ranking.
To activate this feature, click to check the checkbox in your WordPress admin Bablic settings page.

Once the checkbox is checked, the update is immediate.

If you need any help translating Wordpress using Bablic simply email - we're here to help.

Keep in mind, you can also start translating your Wordpress site simply by entering your URL right on and then install the plugin once you're satisfied with your results.

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